M.A.C.E. is still at very early stages of development, but will eventually add here more ways to try the emulation out. Currently, we have a couple Mac OS X pre-packaged Application bundles available for you to try out

NOTE #1! The .app bundles are unsigned, so to open them, you need to control-click (or right-click) on the .app file, and choose “Open” – MacOS security won’t allow opening it by just double-clicking it!

NOTE #2! Holding down the “Shift” key when starting an application will perform a “soft-reset” of the bundle, which may help if any of the contained files gets accidentally damaged. This will in particular restore resource forks of certain applications which are modified on the fly, for example ZeroGravity or Continuum which save high-scores in the application resources.

NOTE #3! As of MACE beta 7, the bundles use Application Support folder in the User’s Library folder as storage for writable file system, so if you create any files and/or saved games you wish to preserve, you will find them in Application Support/MACE/<application-name>/vfs folder in AppleDouble format.

Blob Manager Demonstration

Blog Manager Demonstration is an interesting “Game”, which contains a number of games. It was released by Paul DuBois as public domain in 1986.

Mac Concentration

Mac Concentration is a “match pairs” memory game written by Daryl L. Scott in 1985, released as freely distributable.

Continuum 1.04

With kind personal permission by Brian Wilson, Continuum 1.04 from 1992 also now available for trying out as M.A.C.E. bundle below. He has also written a comprehensive history and a lot of interesting details about the game on his website at

GunShy 1.3

GunShy is a mahjongg clone written by E.C. Horvath in 1987-1990, distributed under every-ware permission.

IAGO 1.0

The public domain game IAGO was written by David Reed in 1984.


With kind personal permission by Robert Munafo, the original Missile version 2.3 from 1984 is also now available for trying out as M.A.C.E. bundle below. If you like, you can also read history of Missile on his website.

Stunt Copter

Stunt Copter was developed in 1986 by Duane Blehm, before sadly passing away in 1988. Later, the game (and its source code) was released to public domain. The version we’ve added here packaged with M.A.C.E. is the unmodified original 68K version.

ZeroGravity 2.0

ZeroGravity is another game written by Duane Blehm in 1987, which was also released to public domain.