A quiet month of May

This is just a quick & short status update to let everybody know we’re still alive. This past month has just been really busy in the real work, life and with other things, so not much progress has been done in this period.

However, to give some essence for this update, on this weekend we went through a bunch of potential candidate applications to test emulation with, and although many of them still show the need for work to be done, we did get at least one game to partially work in this short time, Flight Commander 2, so here’s a bunch of screenshots of it for your enjoyment:

The game itself is only playable until first enemy move, after which seems that some bug, possibly in SANE emulation, is causing the game to get stuck in an infinite loop. Will look into that in the nearby future.

Besides slow month of May, the early summer will also be a little slow, but we’re still very focused on working on the project. But certainly this small break will give us the energy and motivation to continue with full speed later in the summer. And we will also do some other cool 68k Mac stuff if we have time – we will be giving more details when we get more progress in things.

Full list of changes since last post

2020-06-01 00:41:01 +0300 • Add FLOG2X to Elems68K
2020-06-01 00:16:42 +0300 • Fix wideopen region expansion (crashed in DiffRgn)
2020-05-31 23:50:07 +0300 • Add StandardGetFile selector(6) to Pack3(StdFile)
2020-05-31 23:47:14 +0300 • Add Flight Commander 2 Demo test app to cmake json
2020-05-31 23:46:53 +0300 • Add Warlords 2 Demo test app to cmake json configs
2020-05-31 22:33:07 +0300 • Ignore dotfiles in mac icon converter
2020-05-31 13:23:28 +0300 • Add in-progress CDEF 1 color support (unfinished!)
2020-05-31 13:23:03 +0300 • Disable some truetype font assertions in font mgr
2020-05-31 13:22:32 +0300 • Add (unfinished) str2dec conversion, to fix later
2020-05-31 13:21:28 +0300 • Add Lode Runner(TLR) test app to cmake JSON config
2020-05-31 13:21:02 +0300 • Add Warcraft II Demo test app to cmake JSON config
2020-05-31 02:34:57 +0300 • And also fix selector def of HMGetBalloons, 0 args
2020-05-31 02:33:37 +0300 • Fix GetGray selector definition in PaletteDispatch
2020-05-31 02:32:04 +0300 • Add dummy HMGetBalloons to Help Manager (Pack14)
2020-05-31 02:31:05 +0300 • Check the default mode in SetDepth for result code
2020-05-31 02:30:08 +0300 • Add Warcraft Demo to test app cmake JSON configs
2020-05-31 02:29:52 +0300 • Add PowerPong to to test app JSON configs