Progress on Haiku port

With help of the new build system, we have now foundation to make porting to other host platforms easier. Currently, Pukka is working on Rasperry Pi port, while I today managed to get the emulator to compile and run on Haiku for the first time!

“Stunt Copter” running on Haiku, with console output on the terminal

With the support for multiple application-specific build targets, we could immediately get all the (currently functional) test apps to run. Below is screenshot of a few of them running at the same time:

Dark Castle, PT-109, Railroad Tycoon and Stunt Copter running on Haiku

The sound output took a bit tweaking to get to work, as for some reason Haiku’s SDL2 implementation did not handle unsigned 8-bit audio (native Mac format) so we had to briefly hack in support for converting it to signed 16-bit PCM on the fly. Sadly, modifier keys don’t work yet, and mouse input is broken, but emulation, file system, rendering and sound output appear to be working ok for now.

There’s however still much to do, and ports aren’t yet a priority, so these ports will probably see less action in the near future until we get all the other tasks done.

EDIT: Here’s a short video of first level of Prince of Persia running in MACE on Haiku:

Prince of Persia running in MACE on Haiku running in VirtualBox on Mac OS X