1 year anniversary of MACE! New build system and app bundles

Okay, after a few days of hard work, the CMake-based build system is finally starting to shape up. In the old setup, running apps would require altering the configuration headers and copying files manually, but with this new system, we can have JSON profiles for machines and applications, and batch-build any of them.

As coincidentally today marks the exact day this project was rebooted one year ago, it’s fitting to celebrate it with new milestone feature: Adding experimental Mac OS X “.app” bundle support, which takes everything configured to be part of an application, and creates a single, double-clickable app bundle for easy launching:

Stunt Copter running as an application bundle created with MACE

There’s still bunch of work to do before first public preview version, but it’s getting very close – hopefully by the end of this week. We plan to do this with the public-domain (free) game “Stunt Copter”, as it’s one which appears to be 99% complete for running in MACE.

A message you hopefully won’t be seeing too often…