Remote Debugging (et al)

Today Pukka added remote control interface to the 68k debugger. Earlier the debugger commands had to be entered in the Xcode console. From now on, any device with Telnet (with ANSI escape code support) can be used for debugging the emulated programs even from the other side of the world.

Stunt Copter debugged remotely

In other news, Pukka’s 68k debugger also can now be compiled and run on his Rasperry Pi using manually created makefile:

68k debugger test on Rasperry Pi 3 model B

Meanwhile, I rewrote the VBL interrupt handling code, so now it handles all edge cases and works reliably. Also, I started work on restructuring project for first demo build:

  • Started work on Haiku GCC compatibility
  • Enforced all warnings on (with “warnings as errors” option) – which already surfaced one region blitter bug that was causing graphic corruption in Pipe Dream and got fixed
  • Include SFTP server as source/destination storage in build process
  • Started investigating and experimenting CMake as a one potential build generation tool