Civilization – first run

Today we finally got for the first time Civilization to launch successfully. The major issues that were fixed were the preservation of unaffected 68k registers during native toolbox calls (especially D0 which memory manager uses for returning the result code), and fixing a invalid character in ADF filename.

Civilization main menu

World customization

There were some improvements (implementing some missing traps) and bug fixes to Dialog and Control managers needed to pass through the new game setup dialogs. Also, TextEdit is not yet completely implemented (and has some issues such as losing first character as seen in certain names in next screenshots), but works enough to allow passing through dialogs requiring text input.

New city founded

City view
Discovering new technology
Civilopedia also works

Diplomacy screen
Science Advisor screen

“About” box

Palace screen
Map view

The game appears to be playable and stable, although there’s some minor issues, such as main window appearing initially too large, status window missing, no scrollbars yet, and various other minor quirks.

Map view/movement, units, construction, technology and combat all seem to work ok. We were able to play this particular game all the way until first autosave, which would have required Standard File Package which we haven’t yet implemented.