Some progress on Test Drive II: The Duel

After some work on adding missing SANE (Pack4/Pack5) routines, loading of Test Drive II: The Duel is working. Also, there were some (due) improvements needed to OpenWD, which now handles also adding partial/full pathnames to the calls.

Accolade logo
The Duel logo

The intro and menus appear to work with music

Main menu of Test Drive II: The Duel
Details of a really cool car

Sadly, the in-game has still issues that may be CPU emulation-related. The in-car interiour and basic scenery is drawn ok, but the road is missing and all “3D” sprites are literally all over the place.

In-game screenshot with missing road and wacky sprites
Another weird-looking screenshot, just before crashing the game

Also after for driving some time, the game crashes – still some work to do here.

In the other news, various parts of toolbox and 68k emulation have been improved. Window highlighting bug was finally fixed, growing/zooming of windows works now (with the widgets on window title bars also visible), and literally half of Continuum’s graphics issues were fixed in 68k cpu emulation, so it’s also almost working now.