Monthly Archives: January 2019

Dragging things around

As work on Window Manager was advancing quickly, and things are getting more and more complete for the phase 1, next up was one key feature: Dragging the windows. The Toolbox uses a generic “DragTheRgn” routine, which is shared by a few key parts:

  • Window dragging
  • Scroll bar thumb dragging
  • DragGrayRgn trap

So when we implemented this routine, we got got core support for all of them (except scroll bar thumb, as the scroll bar CDEF 1 was not yet implemented).

DragWindow works, in this case 3-D Maze main window

Thanks to DragGrayRgn, the “1000 Miles” game is now playable as it uses it to drag cards around the deck. It’s however still missing some secondary features: Menu selection, multi-line text drawing and Standard File Package are not yet implemented at this point.

The “1000 Miles” is now playable