MacDraw & basic shapes

After some effort, we now have basic shape drawing working in MacDraw. One fun part of this was implementing FixDiv, which uses the binary long division algorithm like the original one on Mac. MacDraw uses this routine excessively to handle document grid sizing and coordination of all shapes drawn on the canvas.

“Hello” from the MACE team (with MacDraw’s custom MDEFs usable). No scrollbars visible yet though, have to get on finishing the CDEF 1 soon…

There was also a minor bug in MenuSelect causing zero item selections in MacDraw’s custom menus, but after a quick fix we can now also use them.

Contrary to many other applications, MacDraw uses a different approach to implementing custom menus – instead of providing a MDEF and assigning it to the menu using the menu definition proc ID in resource, it has its MDEF code as part of the program, and creates a fake handle which it assigns to the menu manually. Because of this, we had to tweak the memory manager handle operations to silently fail on such handles, and instead return the proper memAZErr (-113) in D0/MemErr.

Still no text drawing though, and there’s minor tweaking required for line drawing, but it’s looking promising at the moment.

The “About” box of MacDraw