List Manager basics

With track and station building working, we could now also attempt adding trains to run on those tracks. Although we already had one List Manager dummy routine for the Train Roster window, the train creation screen needed a lot of more routines to make it work. This included implementing the following:

  • LAddRow (and LAddColumn for future use on the side)
  • LAddToCell
  • LCellSize
  • LClick
  • LDispose
  • LDoDraw
  • LDraw
  • LGetSelect
  • LNew
  • LRect
  • LScroll
  • LSetCell
  • LSetSelect
  • LUpdate

It took some time, but we were now able to successfully select and add cars from the car list to the train. Please mind the missing scrollbar, CDEF 1 is still unfinished 🙂

These List Manager routines will also be useful in the future, not only for the Train Roster window in Railroad Tycoon, but also for the Standard File Dialogs which will also make use of them in the file list.