Dragging things around

As work on Window Manager was advancing quickly, and things are getting more and more complete for the phase 1, next up was one key feature: Dragging the windows. The Toolbox uses a generic “DragTheRgn” routine, which is shared by a few key parts:

  • Window dragging
  • Scroll bar thumb dragging
  • DragGrayRgn trap

So when we implemented this routine, we got got core support for all of them (except scroll bar thumb, as the scroll bar CDEF 1 was not yet implemented).

DragWindow works, in this case 3-D Maze main window

Thanks to DragGrayRgn, the “1000 Miles” game is now playable as it uses it to drag cards around the deck. It’s however still missing some secondary features: Menu selection, multi-line text drawing and Standard File Package are not yet implemented at this point.

The “1000 Miles” is now playable