In the land of odd bugs

These few weeks have been mostly bug fixing, and improving things to get the test applications to run further. This includes fixing the OR masking bug in Dark Castle, adding keyboard controls so we can actually move the character, and trying out different things. A lot has improved, but there’s still work to be done. At this point it might be appropriate to document some of the most strange bugs we had so far:

Broken bird sprite in Dark Castle

Most of Dark Castle levels load, but Fireball 1 crashes because of a buggy bird sprite.

Helicopter “trails” in Stunt Copter

There’s something wrong in the 68K code Stunt Copter uses to translate mouse movement to copter speed, causing trails to be left on screen after exceeding movement speed. Another issue with Stunt Copter is that it runs way too fast, but after experimentation we formulated a toolbox patch which would allow throttling the speed to make game actually playable.

Teleporting boulders in Dark Castle

And although Dark Castle starts to get playable, we still have issue of boulders teleporting around, and character falling through the floor 🙂