Control Manager, Icon Quest and Dark Castle main menu

One critical part of UI was still missing at this point, the Control Manager. Luckily implementing it was quite simple, as like with Window Manager, a lot of the core functionality depends on QuickDraw to do the difficult things.

IconQuest intro dialog

With support for Controls, we could now use buttons, like one in the above IconQuest introduction dialog, and the buttons below in Dark Castle main menu using ModalDialog:

Dark Castle main menu, almost working

The buttons still need titles, checkbox implementation is not complete, and TrackControl is implemented as a immediate return, but that is enough to allow entering The Great Hall in Dark Castle:

The Great Hall, with some bugs to iron out…

With this test case, Pukka identified a bunch of CPU bugs, including lack of BCD (Binary Coded Decimal) support which Dark Castle uses to display the values at bottom of the screen, which will be fixed next.